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Our Friend Dr. Dana Brockington...

I first met Dr. Brockington when I was a dental technology sales representative. I was new in Atlanta, and stopped in to say hello. It was lunchtime and Dr. Brockington was in his office, on IV antibiotics for a back infection. I tried to make my introduction and not intrude, but he was very hospitable and insisted that I stay and chat for a minute.

In our conversation, we talked about my Mom. I told Dr. Brockington that she had a history of long-term use of medication that caused severe dry mouth (which is difficult to manage and can lead to aggressive tooth decay). Two previous dentists had told me that there was nothing they could really do for her, but would continue to see her on an emergency basis. Dr. Brockington invited me to bring my Mom in to see what he could do, and shared some of his own experiences with me about patients with similar conditions. He was very reassuring, and said that it was just a matter of figuring out what worked in managing her health.

About two weeks after our initial meeting, I received a handwritten note card from Dr. Brockington in the mail. I opened it and read a very nice thoughtful message: "I was just thinking about your Mom and would love to help her"... I was really touched that he remembered me and my Mom's case, and was especially impressed given the fact that he was dealing with his own health challenges when we met!

My Mom suffers from mental illness and prior to meeting Dr. Brockington she was not always willing to go to the dentist. At first, she would refuse to go and a few times I had to call, embarrassed, and tell Dr. Brockington's staff that my Mom would not come to her appointment. I finally figured out that the way to get my Mom out of the house for any appointment was to promise her diet coke and donuts. One day when my Mom did actually come to see Dr. Brockington, he asked me how I got her there. When I told him about the diet coke and donuts, from that moment on, before my Mom would leave, he would tell her, "now Judy, next time you come, get here a few minutes early and I will have your diet coke and donuts waiting for you". (and he did!)

For years, my Mom would not smile. She is a very pretty lady and took such pride in her appearance; she was homecoming queen in her high school, and it was always important to her to look her best. It was a very helpless feeling for me and my family to watch her smile fade and feel like there was nothing we could do.

Because of Dr. Brockington's tremendous patience and understanding, my Mom smiles really big today - it is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen! She loves to come see Dr. Brockington now. (We don't even have to entice her with donuts anymore!)

Dr. Brockington is also my dentist, and he now sees my entire family. I tell everyone that is looking for a dentist about him. He is a generous, kind individual that truly cares about the quality of life of his patients. Now I have the privilege of getting to work with him on occasion and I am constantly amazed at his commitment to his craft; his zest for learning is astounding!

It is truly a blessing when you can say that someone changed your life - my Mom and I can honestly say that about Dr. Brockington. Her smile went from hopeless to joyful because Dr. Brockington considered her overall health and emotional state, and developed a plan that worked for her and the family and friends that help take care of her. We are forever grateful for his kindness and gifted skill.

Debbie Druey
President, Symphony Dental

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